Twitch Partner “MissKyliee” Guest Speaks to UTD Content Creators

Posted by Eric Aaberg January 19, 2021 in Team News

Twitch Partner, Content Creator, Variety Streamer, and UT Dallas Alumni Kylie “MissKyliee” comes to speak for the UT Dallas Content Creator Program this Thursday at 7:00PM.

Kylie started streaming on Twitch around August 2013. Over the years she has grown her channel and community from pursuing her passion for streaming a variety of video games. Kylie became a Twitch Partner on January 30, 2014, and has to this date over 106,000 followers on Twitch (the world’s leading livestreaming platform).

Kylie will be speaking to our team of student content creators as well as members of UT Dallas Esports, giving her story and advice about becoming a professional streamer & creator. Thanks to our Content Creator Lead, Kelsi Tresko, Kylie will be the first (of many to come) professional creators to come speak to our program virtually.

This event is available only for Content Creators a part of the Content Creator Program. You can apply to join the program at