The Comets Visit Wichita, KS For #WEC2019

Posted by eric February 6, 2019 in Team News

The past weekend, the University of Texas at Dallas Esports League of Legends A & B Teams traveled to Wichita, Kansas for the Wichita Esports Convention hosted by Midwest Esports! The convention was held at Wichita State University and featured a variety of tournaments, including the $20,000 League of Legends Tournament we participated in, CS:GO, Fortnite, Super Smash, and a few more. The venue also had a virtual reality setup, showing off some of the newest tech-advancements in the video game industry. Overall, the trip was awesome!

The weekend started early for our athletes last Friday at 6:30 AM as we departed from UT Dallas on a bus. Yes, it was quite early (the earliest I have personally been walking around campus in the morning haha). After arriving to the hotel in Kansas, we head to the WSU for the convention! The first day was group matches. League of Legends B Team loses to BloodyGaming and League of Legends A Team wins against Missouri Valley College! Fantastic games and overall a great job for our Comets! We made it out of the groups and prepare for the quarter-finals the next day.

Saturday, we play the quarter-finals and sadly lose on both teams out of best of three, leaving us at the quarter-stage as we exit the tournament. They were some tough matches against semi-pro teams and they played really well! However, that did not stop us! Some of the Comets then go with Coach Greg Adler and enter the Open Smash Tournament just before it started! League of Legends A Team’s Captain, Karlin Oei, makes 12th place and Greg makes it in the top 10!

While we did not necessarily get the placings we wanted in the League of Legends Tournament, it was a learning experience for all of us, and overall we all had a fantastic time in Wichita! Here are some of our favorite photos from the trip:

League of Legends A & B Teams playing during the quarter-finals.

League of Legends A Team discussing after their matches.

Coach Greg Adler playing in the Smash Tournament with Chris Yang and Karlin Oei watching in the background.

Karlin Oei, Coach Eric Aaberg, Erick Quintanilla, Kyung Joo, Chris Yang taking a group photo at the convention entrance.