One Valentine’s Day, 60 Valentine’s Day Cards

Posted by eric February 18, 2019 in General Newsletter

This past Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019, we decided to share the love from our esports program with our fans and students at the University of Texas at Dallas. It started with 1 Tweet we sent last week saying that we would make Valentine’s Day Card to anyone who retweeted. We originally thought that we were going to make 6 or 7 max Valentine’s Day cards, but instead… we made nearly 60 of them.

Our tweet got quite some attention! Our idea was that people would love to receive a sweet card from their university’s esports program! So, we weren’t complaining! I mean, my hands were totally tired after making that many cards – but we absolutely loved it. The concept of how we could make some of yall’s Valentine’s Day really was something we were excited to do, and hearing the reactions from creating these cards were truly heart warming. So with that, thank you – and we hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

Thank You, To All Our Fans

With this holiday, we just wanted to take another minute to thank everyone again for the fantastic support we’ve received. Whether you have been a fan since Day 1 or just joined our Discord Server literally today, we thank you and we love you all! This program is on the rise with the huge trend of collegiate esports and we cannot be more happier than with the growth we received in our first semester. This spring, we’re working on connecting more students at UT Dallas with the program by reaching out to the general gaming audience. Be sure to stay tuned for another announcement soon for something we’ve been working on, we cannot wait to share the hype with you guys! #GoComets!