Announcing The Unofficial Comets Valorant Team!

Posted by Eric Aaberg June 5, 2020 in Team News

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Comets! We’re excited to announce that the UT Dallas Esports Program is forming an Unofficial Comets Valorant Team! This team represent UT Dallas Esports & the university in upcoming Valorant tournaments, competitive leagues, and events – all starting as soon as next week/weekend.

We are thrilled to “test the waters” with such a team, and see how our student community would place in the competitive scene of the newly-launched game, Valorant by Riot Games.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is an unofficial team of UT Dallas Esports & UT Dallas Athletics, and is purely allowing us to create a student team to represent the university in Summer leagues. This team is temporary – we hope to gain insights from our unofficial team competing in tournaments to help picture the possibility of Valorant being officially added into our program in the future (No, this is not confirming it will be added – just exploring the possibility).


I’m Ready, Count Me In!

Complete the following below and you’ll be set to be considered for the Unofficial Comets Valorant Team!

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Join The Official Esports Discord Server

Should you have any questions, please ask away in the #ask-a-question channel in our Official Discord Server, or email us with your university email at [email protected]