Announcing The Official Stream Team

Posted by Eric Aaberg March 6, 2019 in Team News

Today we are officially announcing the Stream Team of the UT Dallas Esports Program! Last semester we as a program have really focused on the competitive side of esports, such as tournaments and team development/skill, however, our goal is to also connect the wide majority of gamers and students here on campus together. With the Stream Team, we’ll be focusing more on content creation as well as student engagement with our program. With UTD’s student life being very involved around gaming and techy-ness, we also want to encourage Comet students to start streaming!

With that being said…. we’re looking for STUDENTS TO BECOME OFFICIAL STREAMERS! That’s right, you! We’re opening applications for UTD students to join our wonderful stream team and help create some awesome content, whether that is gaming, commentary, or even IRL streaming! Official streamers will become a part of our program, as well as a key for our further expansion! Official streamers will also receive some super-swag perks such as being featured and hosted on our Official Twitch Channel, become a part of their university’s esports program, a huge opportunity to grow as a streamer/content creator, and more!

Introducing Our Stream Team Lead

On the behalf of the program, we would also like to introduce our latest addition to the program, Stream Team Lead Kelsi! Kelsi serves as our Stream Team Leader and will be focusing on growing our team.

“Hi Comets! I’m Kelsi or Kelsiplays, I am an ATEC student, studying communications and technology. I am the new stream team leader and I am here to help each streamer on their journey to success. My DMs are open for any questions!”

Please welcome her on aboard our program and be sure to ask her any questions regarding the Stream Team!

Stream Team FAQ

We’ve received a few questions and thought it would be beneficial to include a FAQ about the stream team here! If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Discord:

Q: What kind of content and streamers are you looking for? How many subscribers/followers do I need?
At the moment we do not have a set requirement for stream channel following/subscriber count! We are looking more specifically at quality vs. quantity as we’re wanting passionate students who are truly in streaming to join our team as we start off our program.

Q: What do I need to do in order for my channel to be considered?
First off, you’ll need to make sure that you’re VERIFIED and have the “Student” role on our official discord. Next, you’ll need to apply at and await your application decision! Please note: All content on your channel must be AGE-APPROPRIATE! Please clean up anything that could be interpreted poorly as your channel, if selected, would be broadcasted on our official channels.

Q: What benefits would I get from joining the stream team?
I’m glad you asked! We’ve got tonnsss of benefits for our streamers. First off, you’ll grow directly as a content creator and streamer along with the growth of our program here at UT Dallas. Our channel on Twitch is set to automatically host other live channels from members on our stream team, meaning we’ll be hosting your channel quite often! You’ll also get to work directly hand-on-hand with the esports program at The University of Texas at Dallas (along with the pride of saying you’re a part of your university’s esports program). You’ll also get setup with a super shinny badge on our Discord, and many more benefits.

Stream Team Application Form: