Animal Crossing New Horizons – Custom UT Dallas Designs

Posted by Eric Aaberg March 24, 2020 in Team News

We heard that #AnimalCrossingDesigns was trending on Twitter, so we thought why not rep the coolest university ingame?! Enjoy some UT Dallas themed designs which you can use in the new Animal Crossing New Horizons game. Be sure to tweet us @utdesports some cool pictures of you wearing the designs, and share your Friend Code in our Discord Server!

UT Dallas Logo – Green Background (Default/Canvas)

UT Dallas Logo – Green Short Sleeves T-shirt

UT Dallas Comets Whoosh – Green Background (Default/Canvas)

UT Dallas Comets Whoosh – Green Short Sleeves T-Shirt

UT Dallas Temoc – Green Background (Default/Canvas)

UT Dallas Temoc – Greeen Short Sleeves T-Shirt

Community-Made Designs

The following designs were made by UTD Students: Alumni Emily L, Hope Sherman, and other UTD Students. These designs can be used in Animal Crossing: New Horizons when you unlock the “Able Sisters”.


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