A Parent’s Guide To Discord

Posted by Eric Aaberg December 1, 2018 in General Newsletter

Hello parents and fans! In this blog post I’m going to be giving you a 101 guide on using our Discord Server! Discord is a free VOIP communications service for gamers and people to communicate with others, such as their friends or other students, on the internet via text and voice. We use Discord as our main platform to connect with our community and allowing students, fans and parents to keep up to date with our latest announcements and updates about the team.

Joining the Discord Server / #verification

Joining our Discord is fairly easy, simply go to https://discord.gg/utdesports or visit our homepage to see the “Join Discord” button. Once you have joined, you’ll be greeted and asked to verify your account. We help keep all identities on our Discord legit to prevent spam and unnecessary rule-breakers, so in order to access all of our channels you’ll need to get verified in the #verification channel. This channel is at the top of the navigation sidebar.

Once in the channel, you’ll be greeted with the following message:

From here, you can click on Student Assistant Coach Eric Aaberg’s profile and send him a message stating if you’re a STUDENT (with your UTD email or NetID), PARENT, or GUEST. Once you have sent him the message he’ll be able to verify your account in no time! Once you are verified, you’ll be able to access the entire Discord Server and our channels.


Navigating Through The Channels

We have quite a lot of channels in our Discord! So here’s a good infographic on the main channels! (P.S. – The channel names pretty much give you an idea what content is in the channels!)

To your left, you’ll be able to see your Navigation Sidebar where you can view all text and voice channels. Depicted above, the orange channels are READ-ONLY. These channels are for important information such as announcements, events and faqs. The green channels are TEXT are free to open discussion for any verified users! This includes team athletes, UT Dallas students, parents, and guests. If you’re wanting to talk in a channel, feel free to throw a message in #general! If you’re wanting to see an announcement about the team, check out #announcements!

Now to your RIGHT is the members-bar! Here you can see all users online in our Discord Server. As you can see above, you’ll typically see the Coaches and Athletes at the top of the list. Each athlete and esports staff have an assigned role based off their team! For example, all League of Legends A Team members have the “LOL VARSITY TEAM A” role and are orange colored. You’ll be able to easily find your favorite athletes (and child, if applicable) there! To message them, simply click on their profile and click “Send Message”.

Anddd that’s about it! You’ve become the grand-master of navigating and using our Discord Server! Parents, if you ever need any further help please shoot us an email at [email protected] or message one of the Coaches on Discord!