$762 Raised For Children’s Health Dallas By UT Dallas Esports

Posted by Eric Aaberg July 2, 2020 in Team News

Hey, Comets! We are starting the month of July on a very bright note; with the help of the UT Dallas Esports Team & the UT Dallas Stream Team, our Comets were able to raise $762 towards Children’s Health Dallas from our first-ever 24 Hour Charity Livestream!

The 24 Hour Livestream ranged from our student-athletes, staff, and streamers playing a variety of games such as Valorant, Leauge of Legends, Pokken, Minecraft, Overwatch, Skullgirls, Rivals of Aether, and even more from their homes. We had our team sign-up for specific time slots throughout the day and each student essentially streamed their favorite games with their own vibe.

Our team members raised the following from their streams:

  1. Hrithik Ochani “Combo” – $220
  2. Matthew Harvey “Leapblug4” – $220
  3. Kelsi “Kelsiplays” – $200
  4. Alejandro Mercado “Charr” – $41.90
  5. Christopher Sweetman “Akito” – $35
  6. Jonah Salinas “Lueyyy” – $30
  7. Ethan Hall “ipie4fun” – $15.00

View the entire list of our stream team members’ channels on our Twitch Team Page.

Fighting Pokemon For Charity

Hrithik Ochani, one of our stream team members, was able to help raise $220 during his part in the 24 Hour Livestream. Here’s how he described it:

My name is Hrithik Ochani, I am an incoming sophomore that’s majoring in Computer Science. I’ve been commentating and competing fighting games for a few years now, and ended up streaming those games too just to get myself out there. I joined the UT Dallas Stream team the moment I could, and decided to partake in their latest charity stream for children’s hospitals. The game I chose to stream was Pokkén Tournament, a Pokémon fighting game, since that’s the fighting game I hold closest to my heart. Many of my friends from the Pokkén Tournament community joined the stream and created an enjoyable and friendly environment. Even if they were absolutely destroying me on-stream, the real reason we were all there was to bond over our shared love of video games and raise money for a good cause. Throughout the duration of my stream, I was able to raise $220.00. I really loved working alongside the UT Dallas esports program to be a part of something greater. In these difficult times, I think it’s extremely important that we all try our hardest to do the right thing. UT Dallas’s efforts beautifully show the brightest parts of the gaming community.

A special thank you to Hrithik and all of our members for taking part in our livestream, you all crushed it in our first large virtual stream! All of the donations raised went directly towards Children’s Health Dallas, thanks to Extra Life!

Interested in doing fun virtual events like this? Stream or make content consistently? Be sure to apply to join the UT Dallas Stream Team or shoot us an email at [email protected]!