2019 Year In Review

Posted by Eric Aaberg January 1, 2020 in Team News

2019 was a fantastic and successful year for the Athletic Esports Program at The University of Texas at Dallas. From just entering our second semester as an established program to winning our university’s first-ever National Championship Title – we have grown both so much as a program and a team. To celebrate the New Year, we just want to take a look back on 2019 and what we have accomplished…

UT Dallas Smash Team Wins Shine 2019 National Championship
In August 2019, our Smash Bros Ultimate Team traveled to Boston, Massachusetts and wins our program’s first-ever National Championship Title at Shine 2019, hosted by Collegiate Starleague (beating UCI, NJIT and Iowa State). Read more here.

Added Smash Ultimate and Rocket League
At the beginning of 2019, we added our 3rd game to the program, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and later added Rocket League as our 4th game in the fall semester.

Official Opening of the UT Dallas Esports Gaming Arena
In May 2019, we held the Grand Opening of the Sector 7 Energy UT Dallas Esports Gaming Arena (Esports Practice Room). Read more here.

Smash Ultimate Team Honored at Capital by UT System
Our Smash Ultimate Team traveled to the Texas Capital, Austin, to be recognized by the UT System Board of Regents for becoming the university’s first-ever national championship team. Read more here.

Esports 101 Series

  1. Episode I – The Rise of Esports (Video)
  2. Episode II – Esports 101 (Video)
  3. Episode III – One Year Later (Video)

League of Legends 2019 Winnings

  1. February 2019 – Wichita Kansas League of Legends Tournament (Midwest Esports) – Top 10
  2. March 2019 – Planet Comicon LoL Tournament (Kansas City) – 1st Place ($1,000)
  3. March 2019 – Made to Quarterfinals of Collegiate League of Legends Championship (5-1)
  4. April 7th, 2019 – Placed 1st (A Team) in ‘Texas Clash’ hosted by UNT
  5. April 7th, 2019 – Placed 2nd (B Team) in ‘Texas Clash’ hosted by UNT
  6. May 12th, 2019 – Placed 1st in Arlington Strike Force League Qualifier
  7. May 19th, 2019 – Placed 2nd in Arlington Strike Force League Finals

Overwatch 2019 Winnings

  1. March 2019 – Planet Comicon OW Tournament (Kansas City) – 1st Place ($1,000)
  2. March 2019 – Only school to have two teams to make it to the round of 64 (out of 500+ schools).
  3. March 2019 – Streamed Twice on Blizzard’s Stream, Made it to top 16
  4. April 2019 – Placed 2nd in ‘Mavs Gaming Collegiate Overwatch Tournament’
  5. September 2019 – 2nd Place in the Inaugural ‘Battle 4 Texas’ Tournament

Smash Ultimate 2019 Winnings

  1. March 2019 – Won Regional Qualifier Hosted by CSL (beating UT, UTA, UH)
  2. March 2019 – Beat UNT at UNT (Player: Kazee won DreamHack ticket in singles)
  3. March 2019 – Texas Tech Seasonal Winners – 
  4. March 2019 – Shockwave Winner (Player: Orex)
  5. March 2019 – Planet Comicon (Player: Greg Adler) (Kansas City) – 2nd Place ($300)
  6. March 2019 – Won Divisional Qualifier for CSL at Momo Con (beating UCF, USC, ULL)
  7. August 2019 – Won Shine National Championships (beating UCI, NJIT and Iowa State)
  8. November 2019- Won local qualifier for CSL at UTD (beat UT, UTA, UH, Texas Tech, A&M)

As you can see, we had a very eventful and thriving year – and we are even more excited for our upcoming year. As one of the fastest collegiate esports programs in the nation, we’re proud to serve as a leader in the collegiate scene and achieve such a number of titles + reputation. We are entirely thankful for the university’s support from the administration as well as the students at UT Dallas. The fans and support we have from just Comets are insane, and we love seeing all of the passionate faces out at our events/tournaments.

Well, thank you, everyone, for a successful year – goodbye 2019 and cheers to 2020!