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UT Dallas Esports Events Team

The UT Dallas Esports Events Team handles the esports program’s virtual and in-person event programming, outreach to the gaming clubs & groups on campus, and maintaining our community in the Discord Server.

Student Head of Events & Event Coordinators

The UT Dallas Esports event coordinators have the opportunity to create events, work with the gaming clubs, and build a welcoming community for all UT Dallas students.

Meet Olivia Johnson, “Neshift”

Olivia is a student at Naveen Jindal School of Management as a Global Business major with a concentration is Entrepreneurship and Innovation. After college she looks to build international relationships and eventually start her own business.

Olivia has always been passionate about building communities and real relationships. Prior to this position she had the opportunity to assist in the creation of fundraisers, weddings and parties. She has always been interested in engineering, gaming and the general sciences. In her free-time, Olivia loves rock climbing, playing first person shooters and hanging with friends. She hopes through this program that other people will be able to share their passions and work together towards a common goal.

Program Highlights

As an event coordinator you will be provided an opportunity to take initiative and create fun and fantastic occasions. This position will help build your leadership and management skills through planning and executing events. It will also provide networking opportunities that will allow you to build and grow a community with fellow students and gaming clubs. We love to see people connect through Esports, and if you do too then we would love to meet you!

Olivia Johnson


Event Coordinator FAQ

We’ve received a few questions and thought it would be beneficial to include a FAQ about the Events Team here! If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Discord: https://discord.gg/utdesports

Yes, you have your own creative freedom when it comes to events as long as it is approved through the Student Head of Events.

2-5 hours a week. It varies based on the events planned and number of Esports Staff available. 


This is a volunteer position & opportunity, so there will not be *that much* time commitment when you sign-up, however the program is what you put in to it! Some of our coordinators are very active with our events throughout the week!

Yes, we need people to be the face of our events & Esports Program, but we also need people to help support in the background. For example: creating brackets, reaching out to clubs, and general event planning.

100% yes! We do not expect students who are applying for this position to have previous work experience in event planning & coordinating – this opportunity is made for you to put your “first foot” in the door of esports/gaming!

Fill out the application for Event Coordinators and we will reach out to you shortly to discuss where you can fit into the program!