Asteroid Access Page

Esports Department Box

The Esports Department Box is where we store all photos, graphics, and other assets for Esports.

These are shared with your [email protected] email (UTD Login).

Main Box Directory

Viewer-Uploader Access given to Student Leaders

Directory showing the Assets & Graphics Vault and the Photos Vault Folders.

Photo Vault

Viewer-Uploader Access given to Student Leaders

This is where event photos should be uploaded to. Name the file YYYY-MM-DD Event Name.

Public event folders are shared with the public with Viewing & Downloading permissions, with a non-expiring link, available to anyone without the link.

Graphics & Assets Vault

Viewer-Uploader Access given to Student Leaders

This is where new graphics for the department are stored. Videos are stored in the Video Vault.

Videos Vault

Esports Google Drive

The Esports Google Drive is where we store all documents, forms, spreadsheets and rosters for Esports.

These are shared with your @gmail.com email address you provided in the roster.

Student Leaders Drive

Access given to Student Leaders

Forms, surveys, and any documents related to Esports Operations should be created and store in this drive.

Esports Admin Drive

Access restricted to Esports Directors.

Data sensitive information and documents created by Greg or Eric are stored in the Esports Admin Drive.


Most frequent questions and answers about the esports team.

Tryouts are held typically annually in the fall or each semester. We will announce the next time we have tryouts in our Official Discord at https://discord.gg/utdesports.


We currently do not host tryouts for our Smash Ultimate Team. You can email us at [email protected] if you are interested in joining if you have previous tournament win history.

Esports is an Official UT Dallas Athletics Team, therefore all members of our esports teams are considered student-athletes by the university.

All esports student-athletes receive such athletic benefits: priority class enrollment and registration (you get to sign up for classes before everyone else, regardless of your classification), access to the private UT Dallas Sector 7 Energy Esports Practice Room (located in the SU), athletic uniform (customized jersey, travel gear, Comets athlete backpack), and scholarship opportunity.*


Learn more about UTD Athletics at https://utdcomets.com.


*Scholarship opportunity is available as a portion of tournament winnings are given to the athletes.

We add additional athletic teams to our program based off a high-standard criteria; how “hot” it is in the collegiate competitive scene, how many tournaments are available around the area, the skill level of local students at UT Dallas in that game, and the discretion of the Athletics Department.


With that being said, we are not looking to add a Fortnite, Call of Duty, or CS:GO team anytime soon. We encourage students to create their own club-team at UTD if they are passionate about a specific game we do not have. You can find a list of UTD Gaming Clubs in our Official Discord at https://discord.gg/utdesports.

We highly encourage users to join our Official Discord Server at https://discord.gg/utdesports to hear the latest news, updates, and events from the UT Dallas Esports Team.


Be sure to follow us on Social Media on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well!